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General Info
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DJIT operates as a Japanese Language Training and Recruitment Consultancy firm, catering to students seeking higher education and career opportunities in Japan. DJIT offers comprehensive Japanese language training for spoken communication and interview preparation. Additionally, the company provides student visa processing services.

Who we are ?

Our Company-

DJIT is mainly a foreign based IT Training and Recruitment Consultancy firm serving IT students to attain their career aspirations in Japan, UK, USA, Malaysia etc.


Japan is a country which has one of the largest economy in the world, but due to decreasing population, they need more workers from other countries DJIT is the largest and best Japanese language school and visa consultancy in Bangladesh. This organization was made with daffodil group to help Bangladesh young talents to catch the opportunity to go to japan for higher study and job.


To convert our youth into valuable assets through overseas employment with skill development and let the assets become the strength for the country. Considering the number of engineers graduated each year from Bangladesh, job opportunities are very few. Moreover, most of the engineers fail to get appropriate job according to their interests and qualifications. Additionally, there is a huge opportunity for the engineers to get appropriate job internationally.


Japanese economy has been expanded , Japanese technology has been advanced, but Japanese population is decreasing. Without enough number of workers, japan can not continue the economic expansion. This is why Japanese government decided to give more opportunities to give education and work visa for foreign students. Even though Japanese government decided to give visa for foreigners, you have to learn Japanese language to get the visa, and get the job in japan. DJIT uses best teacher from japan and Bangladesh to help you learn Japanese and get visa.

Our joint ventures

DJIT, Daffodil Japan IT Ltd. is a Japan-Bangladesh joint venture organization between Daffodil Group, Bangladesh and Bangla Business Partners Japan.

Daffodil Group

Daffodil Group encompasses over 17 concerns in three different arena-ICT,Education and training. The group is operating in major divisions and cosmopolitan areas in Bangladesh and the history of Daffodil Group began in the year 1990.

Bangla Business Partners Japan

Bangla Business Partners japan started journey in 2011. BBP has expanded consulting service for Factory Investment, Warehouse investments, Industrial park development, Restaurant investment, Real Estate and IT investment.