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DJIT is mainly a foreign based IT Training and Recruitment Consultancy firm serving IT students to attain their career aspirations in Japan, UK, USA, Malaysia etc.

Who we are ?

Our Company-

DJIT, Daffodil Japan IT Ltd. is a Japan-Bangladesh joint venture organization between Daffodil Group and Bangla Business Partners Japan. DJIT is a IT Training and Recruitment Consultancy firm serving IT students to attain their career aspirations in Japan, UK, USA, Malaysia etc. DJIT also provides Japanese Language Training and doing outsourcing work like Graphic Design, Web Development, Image Processing etc.


To support IT engineers with overseas job placement through find the best match of engineers consist with the requirements of international clients.

Our core aptitudes and services include skill advancement of candidates with international level and job placement support in high techindustry of the advanced countries. We deliver exceptional candidates for contract and permanent roles because of our expert knowledge about the market sectors we specialize in.


To convert our youth into valuable assets through overseas employment with skill development and let the assets become the strength for the country.

Considering the number of engineers graduated each year from Bangladesh, job opportunities are very few. Moreover, most of the engineers fail to get appropriate job according to their interests and qualifications. Additionally, there is a huge opportunity for the engineers to get appropriate job internationally.


To meet up the vast requirement of engineers around the world, we work in two ways: let our selective candidates facing interview with the foreign recruiters by providing international level training to the non-experienced engineering graduates or grooming up experience engineers.

The strategy, we have taken to be competitive as well as trustworthy in this industry arranging talent contests all year round in different categories. As a consequence, we become able to extract the best candidates among huge participants.

  • Job Offer in Japan for CSE Students or PHP Professionals

    28 October 2014

    DJIT announce the seminar on "Job Offer in Japan for cse students or PHP Professionals" in Daffodil International Auditorium at January 2. The topic of seminar is the job opportunity in Japan for IT Professionals and the process DJIT following to recruit the right IT Persons. DJIT Managing Director Mr. Toru Okazaki is the keynote person of the Seminar.
  • Java Admission is going on

    30 October 2014

    The graduate CSE/EEE Engineers who wants to develop his/her career in Java programming can be eligible for this course. Last date of registration December 10, 2014. For Registration please visit java page.
  • Advanced PHP Training

    31 October 2014

    DJIT provides advanced training on PHP. The graduates who wants to build up his/her career at web programming in home and abroad can take the opportunity of this course. Last date of Registration December 20, 2014. To get registrar please visit the php page.
  • Feature news published on Popular Newspaper

    30 August 2015

    The daily Samakal, Ittefaq and Sangbad have published feature news on the opportunities and possibilities for higher study, work and settle in Japan. The news also includes the activities of Daffodil Japan IT (DJIT) to support students to work, study and settle in Japan.  Ittefaq News || Samakal News || Sangbad News

Our joint ventures

DJIT, Daffodil Japan IT Ltd. is a Japan-Bangladesh joint venture organization between Daffodil Group, Bangladesh and Bangla Business Partners Japan.

Daffodil Group

Daffodil Group encompasses over 17 concerns in three different arena-ICT,Education and training. The group is operating in major divisions and cosmopolitan areas in Bangladesh and the history of Daffodil Group began in the year 1990.
bangla japan

Bangla Business Partners Japan

Bangla Business Partners japan started journey in 2011. BBP has expanded consulting service for Factory Investment, Warehouse investments, Industrial park development, Restaurant investment, Real Estate and IT investment.
  • DJIT Recruitment Services
    Job Opportunity in USA

    28 October 2014

    DJIT offers job opportunity in USA. All of the top IT specialist have dream to get success in USA, Silicon Valley, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, CISCO Systems, Intel, Yahoo, Amazon, Apple, Dell, HP, Oracle, Symantec, Adobe etc. as well as similar new IT enterprises are hiring top talented engineers all over the world.
  • DJIT Recruitment Services
    Job opportunity in Malaysia

    29 October 2014

    Malaysia is one of the largest IT Industrial country in the world. DJIT provides job opportunity in Malaysia. Most of the top IT talents want to get success in a renowned country with a top level firm. In Malaysia there are so many renowned IT companies and they need so many IT engineers also. DJIT works for those company as well as our IT talents.
  • DJIT Recruitment Services
    Job Opportunity in Japan

    12 November 2014

    DJIT follows the international norms and procedures and provides job placement opportunity in a transparent and logical way. Japan is the second largest IT industry all over the world and third largest economies measured by revenues. We are having strength across a wide variety of leading Information Technology based Jobs. Many top traditional electronics companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, NEC, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Sharp, NTT, N...
  • DJIT Recruitment Services
    Job Opportunity in UK

    12 November 2014

    UK is the third largest IT country in the world, Germany is the 4th, France is the 5th largest there are many good IT companies in Europe as well SAP, is the giant in ERP package, Dassault Systemes of France, Sage in UK Wincor Nixdorf in Germany, Hexagon in Sweden are large companies in Europe. Every company required top level IT Engineers. Since here have top level IT firms so that they have requirement of IT Experts and DJIT works on it to recr...

DJIT in video

DJIT video helps you to know more about Daffodil Japan IT Limited. Actually It is a visual representation of DJIT from which you can know more about the strength of our organization.