Reasons to apply for Japan right now!

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Reasons to apply for Japan right now!
Some striking reasons to apply for Japan, and to do it through DJIT stated by Toru Okazaki, Managing Director of DJIT.

About Japan and DJIT

About Japan and DJIT

Japan is a country which has one of the largest economy in the world,

Japanese economy has been expanded , Japanese technology has been advanced, but japanese population is decreasing. This is the problem of japan. Without enough number of workers, japan can not continue the economic expansion. So, now japanese government decided to give more opportunites to give education and work visa for foreign students.

DJIT is the largest and best japanese language school and visa consultancy in japan. I made this organization with daffodil group to help Bangladesh young talents to catch the opportunity to go to japan for higher study and job. Even though japanese government decided to give visa for foreigners, you have to learn japanese language to get the visa, and get the job in japan. But there were no good language school  run by japanese native speaker. That’s why I set japanese language school and gathered best teacher from japan and Bangladesh. It is DJIT!

Japan Life and Culture

Japan Life and Culture

Japanese people are always gentle and kind. They don’t make any discrimination for muslim people, south Asian people. They are very punctual, they emphasize politeness and discipline. If you spend time and get experience in japan,  and accustomed with it, you also can become developed, advanced international citizen.

Student Oppertunity in Japan

Student Oppertunity

Japan has advanced and best education system in Asia, but japan charge almost half tuition of USA because of government subsidy. In the past it was very tough to enter into good university in japan, but nowadays due to decrease of number of native students, there is more chance for foreign students to enter in good university in japan. many Korean and Chinese students also go to japan and try for japanese university while they have university in their country. It presents that japan is the best for education in asia. 

Operation and Process

Student Oppertunity

You have to come to djit at first, you have to learn japanese language. At the same time, you have to find your guarantor who help the money for you from your family members. After that, you have to gather several documents to present your identity and guarantor’s income level. Then you apply for japanese school, get visa, go to embassy, and go to japan. In total it may take 3 months to 9 months

Message to Students

Message to Students

Now it is a good chance for Bangladesh student  to try for japan.

It was not available for Bangladeshi to go to japan in the past, but now it is opened. However, after a few years , the gate may have been closed if enough number of foreigners reach to japan. So you should hurry to go to japan.

DJIT already has sent many students to japan, and they all are very much happy for their changed life. They go to school, teachers are good, students are good. After school students go to parttime job, environment is good, colleague are kind, salary amount is good,

In the holiday, they can go to Disney land, mountain, shopping , and dating.

And they can see the future and dream in japan. If they improve their languge level, they can try for permanent job, then their life become stable and fantastic.

Lets try for Japan for your bright future , change your life with DJIT !   


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